Everything happens for a reason.

I always believed in these 5 words. Nothing for me was ever just a coincidence. It was either a blessing or a lesson. 

If I met someone or experienced something I knew that later on this will play a role in my life experiences.   But if it had a positive or negative effect on me was based on how I accepted it. 

Now a few weeks ago I went out with a friend and it was chill. When we were almost reaching her house I saw a car with hazard lights on. Two elderly women, I assume in their late 60’s, had a flat tire.

So I thought to myself, it’s really late and Curacao isn’t that safe anymore, should I stop or not. I ended up helping them out and before we knew it they were back on the road. I Dropped my friend off and went home. 

On my way home I see lights, I see police cars, an ambulance and a wrecked car. 

Little did I know that about 30 minutes before I was there a car lost control and crashed. People said that luckily there wasn’t any other car coming from the opposite direction ( the direction I was coming from). 

I got home and was in awe for a moment. I did my calculations and somehow I felt relieved that something kept me busy for a while before going back home. 

Yesterday I found out who was in this car crash and Im happy to hear he came out with minor injuries. We had a brief conversation about this event that came to the following conclusion.

“I don’t get how life works sometimes but I guess everything does happen for a reason” 

We both walked away with a sense of happiness.


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